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It is so crazy to think that there are four of us in the family. Now it has been already over a month and it is so like hard to believe in it. Days fly fast and there is always so much to do with two kids. In these days cozy clothes is very needed. Additionally, it is great when it is also very feminine. I found several cozy looks for wearing at home from Fememluxe. There are also many different outfits to every taste on Femmeluxe webshop like trousers, corset dresses, black lace bodysuits, jeans, and so much more. Although, this post is about my choice of cozy clothing at home.

Loungewear, tights and leggings are the coziest clothing for me. This grey loungewear set Lola has a high cut of the top and shows off belly. Frankly speaking, this is not my perfect shape but I love my belly for carrying two wonderful kids. This loungwear set gives great motivation to come back in shape.

Another cozy look at home is to combine pants from loungewear with white T-shirt with logo. There are so many different cotton T-shirts on Femmeluxe with logo and without. I chose white simple T-shirts with logo ‘Paradise’ and ‘Babe’. I think there can’t be too many T-shirts in the wardrobe, especially mom’s wardrobe as they often get dirty at home, ha-ha))))

T-Shirt – Cordelia
T-Shirt – Cordelia

I love these cozy looks and they are so easy for breastfeeding moms. I like to wear simple, light-wear clothing of calm colors like grey, beige, white at home. Son coziness for me is priority.

T-Shirt – Cordelia

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  1. Janine | 18th Jul 20

    You always look great Maria. xx

  2. Fernando | 26th Aug 20

    Felicitaciones Maria, tienes una familia preciosa. Espero más publicaciones!

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