Femme luxe January fashion haul

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Pink Belted Long Line Hoodie Dress – Theo

So excited to this fashion haul with Femme luxe! These items are so cozy, beautiful and suit perfectly even during my second pregnancy. Femme luxe English brand has so different clothing to every style, for instance, puff sleeve tops, pu leggings, glitter crop tops, slinky dresses and much more. This post will be about comfortable and beautiful clothing during pregnancy. So let’s start!

Hoodie dresses

When I became mom, I started to wear many hoodie dresses. It is not surprising, because they are so cozy while nursing at home. Also they just give extra comfort to cuddle with your baby. I have so many hoodie dresses in my wardrobe now. When second baby is on the way, I think, I will just get more and more of them))) I got the same belted Theo hoodie dress in pink and black colors in this fashion haul. I like the quality of the material, very soft and long sleeves give extra coziness. As I am tall, 177cm this dress is a little short for me, so I styled it with Femme luxe leggings from my previous collaboration.

Knitted dresses

What can be better than knitted dress to go out? They are always classy and so cozy in cold autumn and winter days. I love them, especially in cream, white and beige colors. Mostly I go for long up to knees figure-hugging dresses. So, now when bump starts to show more and more it is beautiful to show it in these kind of dresses. Penelope cream dress is a bit wider in the lower part, so it is good to wear even on the 9th month of pregnancy. This dress has a high neck but I pulled it down on my shoulders and I think it turned out to be nice. The dress has also cuts on both sides.

Cream High Neck Knitted Side Split Jumper Dress – Penelope
Cream High Neck Knitted Side Split Jumper Dress – Penelope

Another dress from this fashion haul is Stone Ribbed V Neck Midi Jumper Dress – Ivy. V neck of Ivy dress has a cut in front and in the back It is so beautiful to put the hair on the side or tight the hair up in hair-do to show the back. I like the style of Ivy dress more. Although, I suppose it might not fit me in couple months.

Stone Ribbed V Neck Midi Jumper Dress – Ivy
Stone Ribbed V Neck Midi Jumper Dress – Ivy

Two piece outfit

Co-ords are so great for summer while biking, working out but I prefer to wear two-piece outfits at home too. It is also very comfortable while nursing. In addition, if you get cold, put the hoodie on top.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this fashion haul! Let me know what styles your prefer at home. It is also good to go with sweatpants sometimes))))

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  1. ribbedtights | 22nd Jan 20

    Wow!! What a fashion haul …. I’m not sure which is the best look, as you look stunning in every outfit and every picture.

    The hoodie dress has become your uniform, but you do look very nice in them. It’s a shame the one you have here are too short for you, but the shorts look cute with the outfit. /maybe leggings would also work with the short dresses?

    The 2 ribbed sweater dresses are amazing, especially to show your baby bump. The cream one looks so cosy and the 2 side slits give the dress a classy sexy look … pregnancy can be sexy as well. The stone colour – what an unusual and stunning colour – is also a classic look, especially the “V” neck on the back. It’s a shame the dress won’t stretch as your baby bump gets bigger!

    And finally, the cropped cycling shorts and matching cropped top … it looks so comfortable and as you baby bump get bigger, it will let you feel more comfortable without restriction.

    And all worn with sheer nude tights … are you still wearing regular tights? Or have you moved into pregnancy tights yet? I remember during your first pregnancy, you won tights with a beautiful heart perfectly positioned over your baby bump … do you still have those tights?

    As always, stunning pictures and thank you for haring with us.

    • Maria | 29th Jan 20

      Thank you so much!!! Not yet in pregnancy tights but I think very soon<3 I will wear some heart tights bump later)))

  2. rico | 29th Jan 20

    love dress and cream tights

  3. Izzy | 25th Feb 20

    All outfits are lovely , but the cream dress is absolutely gorgeous.

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