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Spring is here, let’s stay positive

Spring has come and sun is shinning everyday in Finland. Although, it has been a very weird and uncertain feeling during these weeks, corona virus is spreading all over the planet so fast now. In Finland like in most European countries, schools are closed and people stay at home. So, please do so! Most of the country is just forests and lakes. Luckily, there is a great possibility to go to the forest even for town-citizens. Most of the time we stay at home and go to play with my baby boy to our yard. However, our trips to grocery are limited to once a week. There is uncertainty but we have to stay positive for ourselves, for our dearests and for our planet.

Tan Belted High Neck Ribbed Bodycon Mini Dress – Emmy

Everyone has a hobby or does what he is fond of. Now it is a good opportunity to do what you couldn’t and didn’t have opportunity for a long time. As for me, I like fashion and dressing up. The whole process cheers me up.So this post is about March outfits from Femmeluxe. There are so many spring outfits on Femmeluxe webshop like trousers, corset dresses, black lace bodysuits and jeans but dresses are my favorites.

Fememluxe spring dress Emmy

The truth is, that I choose dresses over pants most of the time and right now dresses fit me the best during my third trimester. Stretchy dresses or loose dresses are the best to fit and they are the most comfortable. Hopefully, summer will be warm and I will try most of my dresses outside. So, this tan mini dress with belt is just great. Although, it looks pretty short for me, as my belly bump takes some cm away, I love the style. I guess, with black tights will be more suitable. In addition, I decided to style it with Valentino pale pink shoes and gobi neon Wolford tights. There is a cut in front of the dress of the lower part that makes it pretty cute.

Tan Belted High Neck Ribbed Bodycon Mini Dress – Emmy
Tan Belted High Neck Ribbed Bodycon Mini Dress – Emmy
Tan Belted High Neck Ribbed Bodycon Mini Dress – Emmy

Some maternity clothing

This black crop top is perfect for nursing, although it is not maternity. It also it motivates to get the belly back as it has high cut. I find it pretty to style even with some long shirt under to cover the belly if you want. The black crop top goes greatly with cycling shorts. The whole outfit is very cozy and perfect addition to Femmeluxe March outfits.

Black crop top and cycling shorts
Black crop top and cycling shorts

White basic top

There can’t be to many basic tops in the wardrobe. For instance, this white basic oversized rolled sleeve top covers belly bump and gives comfort. The best thing that you can style it with anything and cotton material is very soft and comfortable.

White basic top and cycling shorts
White basic top and cycling shorts

That is all with my Femmeluxe March outfits, let me know which one you liked the most! Check my previous Femmeluxe outfits from December and January.

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  1. ribbedtights | 23rd Mar 20

    These are very uncertain times, so I hope you all stay safe and well. Watching the news is worrying and scary and a little depressing, so thank you for bringing a smile with your post. It’s so nice to see that life goes on, and it can be beautiful … you look amazing, glowing with your pregnancy.

    As for your outfits, the Emmy dress is so pretty, especially with the ‘cut’ at the bottom above the leg. I like the ribbed effect of this dress and it look awesome with your sheer tights! I personally think that nude / tan tights suit this dress better than black tights, but I’m sure you know better than me.

    The cropped black top is very cute with your bump on show. And with your cycling shorts, a practical and comfortable solution for staying at home.

    And finally, your white cotton top looks very comfortable … very classic … very pretty.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to share these beautiful picture with us. Take care and stay safe.

    • Maria | 23rd Mar 20

      Many thanks for kind words. Always a pleasure to read from you! Please take care ans stay safe<3<3<3

  2. rico | 26th Mar 20

    hi miss! a pleasure to see you on these time with wonderful pregnant look..hope in the life..great on dress with heels and tights!

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