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Is it officially spring? When the sun starts to shine at least 3 days in a row – it is YES for me<3 If you live in the North sunlight is like a breath for you, it can change you mood of the day significantly. Although, even on such sunny days we say, sun is shinning but not warming up. Technically it is still cold but much brighter and nicer day. Anyway, we should not complain, because you may make your day cozy by dressing up properly. For my winter/spring look I chose Wolford Cotton Velvet Tights from UK tights in anthracite Mele color, it some kind of grey-black. They are super soft and comfortable, also durable in case of wind)) What about you, are you ready for spring? What kind of spring do you have where you live?

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  1. ribbedtights | 27th Feb 19

    You are so right … sunshine make all the difference to your mood; it makes you smile a little more and look forward a little more.

    These pictures are beautiful. You look lovely in the sunshine, but you do look cold, even in your Wolford cotton tights … I hope you have a nice hot chocolate waiting for you at home!

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