Looking for puddles.

Hello guys! I am so excited about this post because I partnered with Viking footwear and got these absolutely amazing rubber boots for my boy and myself. Viking Footwear is Nordic brand specializing in high-quality footwear for kids during whole year.

When my boy started to walk into the puddles I started to wonder about rubber boots and, personally for me, high-quality and durability of the boots are on the first place. Viking footwear has been proving it for 100 years, no doubt the know about the quality, so I decided to test it with my little guy. Luckily for me there is also footwear for adults.

I received a pair of premium hunting boots which are made of natural rubber with quick-dry-lining, they are perfect for walks in the forests, countryside or city. They have classic look and are very light weight. I have a bit wider foot, though my size is 39. So I took 40 for extra space in this model and it turned out to be perfect!

Max got cute low rubber boots Alv in blue color. They are perfect for small kids as they are designed with lace that you can adjust to snap-lock the boot, so the boots won’t fall off the legs easily. The best for me was seeing Max jumping in the puddles and having fun and for me be happy for him.


premium hunting boots

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  1. Richard | 23rd Apr 19

    Are those Satin De luxe?

    • Maria | 24th Apr 19


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