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Khaki oversized sweater dress

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Autumn is definitely my favorite time of the year. It is very cozy time for long evenings with family and friends. You can just grab a book and enjoy reading it and listening at the same time to the drops of the rain outside on the window, isn’t it romantic? I also love shopping especially in autumn. It is so cozy to wrap in the blanket with cup of tea and scroll through the internet pages. In UK based online shop Femme luxe you can find everything to your taste: lace bodysuits, jumpsuits, mesh tops and much more. So, I chose two dresses in different styles. Both styles are so different so will go for any occasion.

Khaki oversized sweater dress

The first dress looks on me more as a tunic than a dress. I am 177 cm tall, and I am wearing size 8/10 UK or 36/38 European. This kind of dress goes perfectly with leggings or dark tights. I am wearing my tights from Gatta, Polish brand with long boots. To me this style is so cozy and so autumn-like. I like long sleeves of this dress to keep hands warm. The whole look is casual. Also the color is so perfect for autumn and can be varied with many colors of tights or leggings, though for me black is perfect, I would also suggest brown and purple. What do you think?

Khaki oversized sweater dress

Savannah one shoulder dress

How many black dresses a girl can have? – As many as it is possible! This one, Savannah one shoulder ruched slinky dress is definitely a must in every girl’s wardrobe. It is a long dress with length up to knees, so it is a midi. There is thin belt to strap in the back. I like this one-shoulder dress as I have not had any like this with long sleeve and it gives some charm especially on evening occasions. Well, this dress is definitely for a date, restaurant or visit to theater. I was firstly thinking, where would I put this dress as one shoulder is just open and another is closed. It is fine in central Europe but in Finland it is super cold. Though some nice shawl can make look is really amazing and give some warmth and comfort if needed.

Savannah one shoulder ruched slinky dress
Savannah one shoulder ruched slinky dress

Which one?

These dresses are so different: one is a casual one another is for go out. Which one to choose? I chose both. And if you look at my style, it is more of casual + elegant. What I like in casual is that with right accessorize you can make it also look very elegant. You can just experiment with details and mix. Try different shoes, boots, shawls to put one. Even earrings and necklaces can make look so different. Anyway, which dress did you like more? Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful cozy autumn!

xo xo Maria

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  1. Trey Reyes | 11th Oct 19

    Very nice blog! Pictures are beautiful as always Maria…thank you for sharing with us!! Hope your Autumn continues to go well! Looks very nice in your home country!!

    • Maria | 11th Oct 19

      Thank you so much!It is very beautiful in Finland though very cold already.

  2. Ribbed Tights | 11th Oct 19

    Amazing as always Maria. Both are beautiful dresses for the reasons you have said, and you look sensational in both. I couldn’t pick a favourite!

    I like the idea that the khaki dress could be worn with different coloured tights … just a shame you didn’t model the different colours for us, but the black tights do look classic!

    As for the black dress, WOW!! What a fantastic date night that would be. I think oyu could wear that dress with opaque black tights as well, but I understand that wearing boots is probably more comfortable for you.

    Thank you for sharing your style with us. Your look always makes me smile.

    • Maria | 11th Oct 19

      Www,thank you for your sweetest comment 😘😘😘

  3. Fernando | 11th Oct 19

    Beautiful pics Maria!

    • Maria | 11th Oct 19

      Many thanks 😘

  4. Brian | 15th Oct 19

    Hi pantyhose girl. You always look amazing in your tights and are an inspiration for me. Since I have been following you I decided to give up wearing pants and now wear leggings and tights always. Thanks again for all your posting and all the fashion that inspires.

  5. Janine | 24th Oct 19

    My choice is the one-shoulder dress. The reason? You have such a gorgeous figure, and that dress shows it off! When you are blessed with a body like yours, why conceal those fabulous curves under something shapeless? I’m sure you feel good about yourself when wearing well-fitted outfits, Maria.

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