Catching up with autumn

Autumn weather

It has been so cold a week ago, around 0 C, so it was quite cold to go outside for long walks. Last weekend it became warmer and we were so happy even with 10 C, though it might sound still quite cold for you. When you live up in the North you just cherish warm days, especially when autumn is so short. So, it was much warmer, though it was raining all night and the ground was quite wet. Anyway, we decided to dress up properly and go for a walk.

Best in test

Recently we got new Viking rubber boots to test for me and Max. Max is wearing Jolly in green color and mine are Noble Vinter both best in test. It means boots are made of natural rubber which is elastic, resistant and waterproof. The inner sole is removable for easy drying. They are very comfortable to move, so what can be better for wet autumn days?

Autumn leaves

Throwing leaves in the air has been my favorite play since I was a kid. I am still a kid in my heart so I just showed this fun to Max and he joined me. I love these pictures so much<3 Leaves were quite wet but we survived as Max was wearing outwear for rainy weather, though gloves became wet))) Thanks for Viking footwear to keep our legs warm!

I let Max jump in the ponds and on wet slides, everything just enjoy the fun, thankfully we have nowadays such clothing. When I see his smile, it is priceless.

This whole promised to be rains but luckily temperature will stay around 10 C, so we have a lot of fun outside.


Rubber boots (received from Viking footwear): Noble winter
Leggings: Calzedonia
Coat: Miss sixty
Bag: Coccinnelle


Rubber boots (received from Viking footwear): Jolly
Cap and tube (received from Breden kids) : Merino lining
Mittens: Johnathan
Waterproof coat and pants: from friend

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  1. Fernando | 14th Oct 19

    Beautiful pics Maria!

    • Maria | 14th Oct 19

      Many thanks 😘😘

  2. Chris | 16th Oct 19

    Here’s to fun days in the park!!

  3. Janine | 24th Oct 19

    Max sure looks a happy little boy!
    I love your outfit, Maria. The coat looks good, and those leggings are SO sexy!
    Janine xx

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