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Myk Boa GTX W

Since I became a mom, I choose very casual and comfortable clothes and shoes as well. 95% of the time I wear trainers. They are so comfortable and everyone has them in their own wardrobe. Although, the big minus is that they get wet very easily as soon as it starts raining. Also the same trainers you wear in summer are not suitable for cold autumn days at least in Scandinavia.

When Norwegian brand Viking footwear offered me to test their light walking shoes for women I was happy to do it. Max is wearing Viking footwear a lot and it was great to try some walking shoes for me. I have some pairs of rubber boots from Viking and these are new for me. So, the big advantage is that they have gore-tex membrane which means they are waterproof, breathable and lightweight. Gore-tex membrane is registered trademark. In Northern countries gore-tex is a must as we have a very humid climate and a lot of rains, snow and cold. So, keep your trainers till sunny days.

These Viking light walking shoes have Boa fit system. The whole construction is very easy to use, you just switch strong but light laces and adjust to your leg with the round button. You can open your shoes by pulling the button up. Hopefully, it wasn’t difficult to explain. Anyway, when you start to practice you figure out it very easily.

Another thing I like about these shoes, that they look really feminine on feet. And you can wear them with jeans, leggings or even with casual dress like I do.

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  1. Ribbed Tights | 30th Oct 19

    Great winter shoes … practical and stylish. They do look nice in your “casual mom” look, and the black tights are pretty nice as well.

  2. Brian | 31st Oct 19

    Your shoes look so cute and they go great with your tights. Thanks for inspiring me to only wear tights. I have given up wearing pants which was awesome for me. Thanks again, Brian

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