Femme luxe Christmas haul

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Everyone wants to feel cozy in winter. What is coziness for you? For me it is to stay at home in the softest sweater and enjoy time with my family. All these things that bring coziness to our senses are so important, especially in the holidays. For this blog post I partnered up with British brand Femme luxe to show my Christmas haul. I chose couple of knitwear, tops and leggings for this post. As I stay at home most of the time this is my coziest looks. Although if you plan to spend your holidays out, you may find prettiest dresses from Femme luxe website.


Holidays sweaters and leggings

For every day I like comfortable and casual clothing . So knitwear is definitely in my top list. This khaki over-sized sweater is perfect and simple. I like the cut on the sides and long sleeves. This sweater I styled with PU wet look leggings, they are faux leather leggings. Actually, PU leather is an artificial leather material which has been coated with polyurethane, hence the name PU. These PU leggings from Femme luxe are perfect for colder days because they have warm lining inside. Though it is not even enough for me. I always like to put on tights under leggings in winter, as I am always cold)) Anyway, these PU leggings are great and they have high waist.



Tops from Femme luxe with different logos are a must-have. They are made of cotton and super comfortable. The top I am wearing is a bit loose on me, I wear it in size S. You can also make it figure hugging – just make a knot. In my previous collaboration I got the same white top with logo ‘love ya self’. Check the post with this top. ‘Love ya self’ is a good reminder to love yourself for who you are. It means for me to appreciate yourself, love your body as it is, make it better, eat cleaner, develop your mind and soul. It is very philosophical saying, although it is really true as it is, just remember love and accept yourself and make yourself better. I think it is a good promise for next year.

‘Nothing To Wear’ logo is also one of my favorites. This saying definitely concerns every girl.. and every man. Do you know, that there is a saying: woman has nothing to wear, when she has no new clothing, and man has nothing to wear when he has no clean clothing. To tell the truth, I agree with this saying))) Do you think it is true or can you at least apply to yourself. I definitely do!))


White sweater for Christmas

Tell me the truth, do you have a white sweater… I have maybe 3 of them and want to have more because they look so beautiful and make winter days cozy. This white-cream long sweater from Femme luxe has a knot in front which can be loosened up. I also like long sleeves in this model.

Thank you for checking my Christmas haul from Femme luxe. Hopefully, you enjoyed!

Xo Maria

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  1. Randy Pierce | 10th Dec 19

    Even though am a male I wear leggings in all colors and styles even if society thinks its wrong for men to wear leggings. What’s wrong with society it’s fashion in my eyes and are comfortable to wear.

    • Maria | 12th Dec 19

      I think there in nothing wrong for men to wear leggings. Many sportsmen do))

  2. Ribbedtights | 10th Dec 19

    Wow! Looks like Christmas has come early for you. All the outfits look very nice and very cosy, especially the sweaters. I agree that the white sweater is very cool and could also look good on a day / night out. It’s an interesting design, but you wear it very well.

    The leggings are quite special as well … clinging very tightly! They do look very nice and comfortable. Now a practical question, what type of underwear would you recommend under this type of legging?

    Another question for you … you say you wear tight under your leggings because you are always cold. Do your leggings stay up? With smooth silky tights underneath, don’t your leggings keep slipping down? I was just wondering? Maybe you could try sheer knee highs / socks? … I don’t think stockings / hold ups would work as the stocking top would probably show through the leggings, especially these skin tights wet look leggings.

    Going back to the underwear question, if you wear tights under your leggings, is there a need for separate underwear?

    Anyway, as usual, great post, great outfits and great pictures!

    • Maria | 12th Dec 19

      Thank you for taking time to reply to all my posts! I really appreciate it<3
      These leggings are pretty thick inside, so they are good to got as they are)) As they are thick nothing is seen through.
      As for the slipping down the best is to have right size and nothing will slip down, checked it many times!
      Leggings are quite specific type of clothing, if they are very thin and seen through, it is better to wear long jumper or sweater. The main thing is to stay comfortable))

  3. Fernando Luis | 11th Dec 19

    Hello Maria! Beautiful post. Very beautiful words about loving yourself. I will consider your advice. Very beautiful Christmas tree. The beautiful sweater. I think it would also look good with black low denier pantyhose. Regards.

    • Maria | 12th Dec 19

      Many thanks<3

  4. rico | 13th Dec 19

    hi miss! i’m a french fan of fashion and tights ; all your looks are perfects! you have so beautiful legs!

    • Maria | 22nd Dec 19

      Many thanks! Great to see you here!

  5. petra | 14th Dec 19

    Hi Maria,
    You you look great as always. I would love to know which pantyhose you were wearing under the leggings.

    • Maria | 22nd Dec 19

      Thank you Petra! They are Wolford neon in gobi color <3

  6. Janine | 15th Dec 19

    You look fabulous, Maria! I really like those leggings – a very sexy look, and are great with the white sweater or the tee shirt.
    Janine xx

    • Maria | 22nd Dec 19

      Thank you, Janine<3
      That's right tea sweater, I like the color you named<3<3<3

  7. rico | 31st Dec 19

    hi miss! nice legging on you! perfect with tant tights under..have an happy new year!

    • Maria | 2nd Jan 20

      Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!

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